Sep 10
SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Version Feature Comparison Matrix

​We have updated our version feature comparison matrix to reflect SharePoint 2016 versus SharePoint 2013 on premise server versions (Foundation, Standard and Enterprise) as well as the latest (as of September 10, 2016) Office 365 SharePoint Online plans including Business, Business Essentials, Business Premium, Education, E1, E3, E4 and E5!

>>SharePoint 2016 vs 2013 vs Office 365 Version Feature Comparison Matrix​

May 20
SharePoint Auto-Hosted Application Model Retired

One of the three options for hosting SharePoint 2013 ​apps has been auto-hosted.  Microsoft has announced this model will be retired on 6/30/14 and all auto-hosted applications should be moved to the provider hosted model.  SharePoint hosted apps are still an option.

Apr 01
Office 365 Storage Limit Increases

Microsoft announces 1TB site collections and unlimited tenant storage scale.​

Apr 01
SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos Available on Channel 9

Channel 9 has made available all of the videos from SharePoint Conference 2014​!

Sep 11
Large Enterprises Adopting Office 365

​Some high profile enterprises including government and airlines are adopting SharePoint online at Office 365.  Find out more here​.

Sep 11
SharePoint Online for Enterprise Improvements

​Office 365 limits and features have been improved for Microsoft's Enterprise SharePoint customers.  Here are the details of the increased quotas and capabilities.​​
Aug 07
What is SharePoint?

An introduction to SharePoint.  What is SharePoint Foundation versus SharePoint Server versus Office 365?  What is SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Workspace?  Here's a nice concise introduction to SharePoint 2013.

Jul 20
SharePoint Features - A Comparison of Office 365 Enterprise Plans and SharePoint Server 2013 Feature Availability

Fed up with trying to decipher the features available by Office 365 Enterprise Plans E1, E3 and E4 versus SharePoint Server 2013 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise at the Microsoft Technet site (Google for SharePoint Online Service Description), we went ahead and built our own tool to compare features by platform and version, valid as of 6/27/13.

May 06
Millenium Multimedia Corporation Blog

It's about time we launched this blog!  SharePoint Server 2013, Office 365 Enterprise Plans, public facing websites, .Net and SQL database driven web application development, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Organic Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are all on the table.  Away we go...